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MANEL is a premium fashion brand founded in Dubai in 2019 by Manel Aboudaoud.

Our carefully curated collections feature classic-style clothing with a sophisticated contemporary twist. unique, eye-catching designs exude femininity and are tailored to artfully complement a woman’s natural figure. MANEL encompasses elegance by adding a modern twist to classic styles. We take craftsmanship seriously, integrating functionality and elegance into each unique design.

By providing an authentic artistic approach to utilitarian fashion, MANEL only uses high-quality materials to ensure superiority in each piece. Each piece captures the utmost comfort and tasteful style to empower the women who wear these clothes.

Each masterful design is crafted to accentuate the natural curves and shapes of a woman’s body, making it effortless for her to embody chic confidence and sophistication.

MANEL is on a mission to share these artfully crafted designs with women around the world.

Manel Aboudaoud established the brand in Dubai in 2019. Passionate about fashion, self-expression, and empowering women, she channels her talents and passions into each piece of clothing she meticulously crafts. Her clothing collections capture elegance, sophistication, and functionality in a feminine manner.

Manel Aboudaoud was raised in Paris, France, one of the major fashion capitals of the world. With her Arabic roots, fashion has been a major part of her life. Manel has a strong background in Fashion Design & Finance and has received a master’s degree in Finance while in Paris. She is the founder and creative director of Manel Fashion. When she relocated to the Middle East four years ago to work in finance, she found it was challenging to find similar French silhouettes in this part of the world featuring a modest style and eye-catching design. This realization inspired her to leave the finance industry to study fashion design, eventually leading to her launching the Manel Fashion brand.

Her vision is to transcend modern fashion, to build confidence, and provide a vehicle for expression through our pieces. She strives to responsibly make meaningful products that not only exemplify a woman’s daily lifestyle but enhance her confidence.

By combining functionality with high-fashion, women around the world can enjoy the clothing collections. Each item is uniquely constructed to complement the natural figure of a woman’s body.

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